Bat Warranty


Our company aims to provide unsurpassed products. For cricket bats, we select the finest English Willow for every relevant grade and then craft it into bats. Wood is a natural product and sometimes few irregularities can be expected as a routine matter. The bats that have been damaged due to improper use, bad shorts, poor, timing, playing at edges, or playing a yorker at toes do not come under any kind of warranty and cannot be replaced. Similarly, the poorly prepared bats or bats with modifications (done without the authorization of Mids Cricket) cannot be replaced in case of any damage.

The damage that occurs due to extreme weather conditions i.e. extreme moisture or extreme heat shall not be covered under any warranty. Water

damaged bats i.e. by playing at damp pitches are also not covered under warranty.

The damage done by the use of non-leather balls, bowling machine balls, or composite balls is not covered under warranty. If there is a manufacturing fault in fixing the bat handle into the blade i.e. it is not fixed properly/firmly then we will replace the handle. The total freight cost will be handled by the client. Bats with damaged handles, cracks and other slight problems are to be repaired locally. A small crack is a normal phenomenon and it does not undermine the performance of the bat. A crack tells that the bat needs further oiling and knocking.

The look and appearance of the bat keep on changing after every game and it is not supposed to remain new forever, rather it deteriorates with time. It is not a lifetime product; its life depends upon the frequency and proper way of usage. It is pertinent to mention here that cricket bats are made of soft product (English Willow) to be played with harder balls, so the proper use and proper care can ensure the bat's life and durability. As we move towards the top grade willow, the wood goes on softer and softer; a G1 bat will be softer as compared to G3 or G4 bat and so on, hence it needs more careful handling and proper timing in the game and to be played with top-quality balls made of softer leather. A proof of purchase (a receipt or email communication) needs to be provided while claiming a warranty.